SALES, SALES, SALES! UnCage Your Sales in 2021

The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood

Dec 9 2020 • 36 mins

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Are you ASKING for the MONEY? FEAR has set into to so many freaking Entrepreneurs! Do you have a challenge asking for the money, for YOUR services? I know when I first got started, I could EASILY sell, someone else's products and services. But, selling my own? I would FREEZE in the middle of the close! My old thought patterns of I am not good enough, would pipe in! If you are a coach, 2021 is your YEAR! People NEED YOU!!! Marriages, NEED YOU! Kids / Parents NEED YOU! People NEED your help on Health and Wellness. PEOPLE NEED YOU! In this episode, SHARE it with a friend or two, that is challenged by SELLING! Join my Weekly Training == > Join my Challenge == > UnCage Your Money! UnCage Your VOICE! Heather Havenwood