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Whitney Grant: Come Volunteer with Us
Nov 20 2023
Whitney Grant: Come Volunteer with Us
Whitney Grant: Senior Director, HR Operational Effectiveness  One little Facebook video was all it took to start Whitney Grant on a journey that she never would have expected!  Happily working in her corporate HR job in the United States, Whitney was involved in her church and had a great community of friends — she was not looking for a major life change. But watching a Mercy Ships video that her friend posted on social media opened Whitney’s heart to something unexpected. Whitney came to Mercy Ships with 10 years of HR experience, and she was surprised when her new job on board brought challenges that she never faced in corporate America. Whitney recalled, “I had become comfortable and on cruise control. But on the ship, I was challenged immediately.” In this episode, Whitney not only shares about her personal time on board, but she also shares how you can have your own life changing experience with Mercy Ships! Whitney answers questions about how to volunteer, what to expect in the application process, as well as current priority positions.  From getting to grow professionally and personally, to living in a community of people from all over the world – you too, can find your place on board! If you’ve ever wondered how you can join this amazing mission, this episode is for you! For more information about Mercy Ships and how you can find your place on board, visit Follow us on Instagram at New Mercies Podcast