Find your reason to embrace a healthy lifestyle with Marquel Hatcher

Inspire to Run Podcast

Jan 6 2022 • 27 mins

#041- Spartan racer and PE teacher, Marquel Hatcher, lost his joy for fitness and running. Listen to his inspiring story about how he rekindled his love for fitness  and embraced a healthy lifestyle after a wake-up call and strives to be a role model for his students.

Topics Covered:

  • Lower weight doesn't automatically mean you are healthy
  • Having knowledge about fitness is not enough, you have to act
  • The importance of being around like-minded people
  • Finding something that you like so you will stick with it

Today's Guest
Marquel Hatcher
Marquel is a “Girl Dad” and a PE Teacher from Maryland. He has several years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He has always been an athlete; however, his fitness journey took a detour years ago because he lost his joy.  He returned to running & fitness after a wake-up call from his doctor. This has inspired him to lead a healthy lifestyle and to become a role model for his students. Marquel has a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Exercise Science and Physical Education.

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