Scaling Your Business – Hal Levenson

Behind The Numbers

Feb 22 2024 • 30 mins

Why do many small businesses fail to scale? Today’s guest says that it’s a function of leadership and it’s fixable.

Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Hal Levenson, Partner and Chief Visionary Officer  at Haefele Flanagan.

Former CPA, Hal Levenson, spent many years in his accounting practice helping small and medium-sized companies, in the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia area. An entrepreneur himself, Hal is passionate about the contributions that entrepreneurs make to economic growth, standard of living, skill advancement, and community development. Yet, in his years in accounting, he saw the frustration of CEOs trying to align business objectives with personal goals. He noticed that so many businesses seemed stuck. Employees at most every level were putting in long hours and working exceptionally hard just to get an edge on a competitor, keep up with technology or handle sensitive personnel issues.

When organizations attempt to carry out major business functions without the required skills and behaviors, it creates a great and unnecessary challenge and slows business growth. Hal founded Trilogy Partners in 2009 to provide these businesses and their CEOs with the direction, planning, and financial advice that they need. He formed a team of experienced C-Suite advisors, called Alliance Partners, who could help entrepreneurs implement their vision.

In 2021, Trilogy Partners merged with Haefele Flanagan to provide stronger outcomes for clients, whom now have access to holistic business advisory services from strategy through finance.  HFConsulting services include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, executive and leadership coaching, business transition and exit planning, financial education, and C-Suite support.

In this episode we unpack the various factors that impact a company's ability to scale, including identifying blind spots; making tough decisions; creating healthy conflict to increase accountability; and more!

About Our Sponsor:

Haefele Flanagan (HFCO) is a full-service accounting firm that’s been serving clients since 1967.  Not your typical accounting firm, HFCO’s services extend well beyond tax and audit to include valuation services, strategic and succession planning, leadership development, and more.  When you work with Haefele Flanagan, we help you realize your long-term goals.  Please visit them at

About the Host:

Dave Bookbinder is the person that clients reach out to when they need to know what their most important assets are worth. He’s a corporate finance executive with a focus on business and intellectual property valuation. Known as a collaborative adviser, Dave has served thousands of client companies of all sizes and industries.

Dave is the author of two #1 best-selling books about the impact of human capital (PEOPLE!) on the valuation of a business enterprise called The NEW ROI: Return On Individuals & The NEW ROI: Going Behind The Numbers.

He’s on a mission to change the conversation about how the accounting world recognizes the value of people’s contributions to a business enterprise, and to quantify what every CEO on the planet claims: “Our people are this company’s most valuable asset.”

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