Episode 010 - The Unwelcome Home (Special Season 1 Bonus Episode)

Beyond the Belt: Adventures from the Outer Rim

Feb 21 2022 • 8 mins

Following the conclusion of season 1, the LT heads for home. What kind of reception will she receive, and will she get the answers that she is seeking. Find out in this special Season 1 bonus episode! Approximate runtime 9 minutes. Original story and music by Jason K. Nitsch Originally released February 21, 2022 “LT” - Voiced by Tiffany Belzar ”Jess” - Voiced by Emma Harrop Commodore Norman J. Russell - Voiced by Ingamar Media Narrator - Voiced by Aizaac S. Main Theme performed and recorded by the https://www.cinemagicscoring.com/ (Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra), John Walton - conductor.