Those Old Scientists - A Star Trek Podcast

Those Old Scientists

Hosts & seasoned Star Trek fans Rachel & Jordan have watched every Star Trek television series and film except for, ironically, the original 1966 Star Trek TV series, Animated Series & films. Listen along as they provide their unique perspectives as both Trek fans and film & television industry insiders as they watch and discuss the legendary science fiction program that started it all! Rachel is a lifelong visual artist and author - a painter and scenic artist in the Vancouver film & TV industry by day, and science fiction & fantasy novel writer by days off. Her deep knowledge of Star Trek often comes off as encyclopedic to her co-host husband. Jordan is an architectural draftsperson, 3D modeler and set designer in the Vancouver film & TV industry. When he's not working creating new and interesting, or even old and mundane environments for actors to play in, he's struggling to remember what happened last season/episode of whatever series he and Rachel have been watching lately. Come along for the fun, the often irrelevant tangents, cool Trek history and trivia, film industry insider perspectives, and who knows what else as these two make their way through the Original Series, the Original Animated Series, and the TOS films!

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