RPG: Realms of Peril & Glory

The Light & Tragic Company

Welcome to RPG! Journey through hilarious galaxies, adventure-filled worlds and mysterious continents in this incredible actual play podcast! Experience thrilling tales weaved at the table using systems you know and systems you don't!

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Trailer :: Realms of Peril & Glory
Trailer :: Realms of Peril & GloryVael :: Welcome to New Harbour!Vael :: Battle at Deafening D'OrVael :: Murder in the Ash LanesVael :: Sad in the CityVael :: Teamwork in the CaféVael :: Open Mic at Cafe PirelliVael :: Brawl in the StreetsVael :: Breakfast at Cleary'sVael :: Interrogation at Justice HallVael :: Reflections in the VaultVael  :: Midnight in the SoulVael :: Raid in the Factory LanesVael :: Deductions in the ArchiveVael :: Rescue at Langford ManorVael :: Showdown at the LabVael :: Answers in the Ivy LanesVael :: Last Stand in the Church of Rhoz (Finale)A Christmas Caper :: The Ginger ResistanceA Christmas Caper :: Battle on the Eggnog River