Fat Shaming On Facebook + The Man At The Gas Station Who Did Nothing | Ep 108

Never Stop Building

Mar 5 2024 • 26 mins

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When I encountered a derogatory social media tirade against overweight salespeople, my stomach knotted in revulsion—not just at the cruel words, but at the silence that often greets such bullying. That's why this episode of Never Stop Building is a manifesto for action, a call for us to raise our voices against the injustices we witness in the business world and beyond. I, Sam Kauffman, take you through a candid discussion on the moments that demand our courage, from confronting bigotry online to the real-life consequences of choice and intervention.

Late one night, the stark glow of a gas station served as the backdrop for a test of my own principles. The tension in the air was almost tangible when an unsettling situation unfolded before my eyes. I recount the tale of stepping in to defuse a potential domestic dispute, supported by a brave young attendant, and the crucial role intuition and collective vigilance play when danger looms. This isn't just a story of confrontation; it's a revelation of the deeper conversations and lessons that emerge, especially with my children, about the essence of real-world advocacy.

As we close our time together, I invite you to consider the infinite power of everyday choices—how a simple act of roadside assistance or speaking up can ignite transformation within our communities. This episode is a testament to the strength that lies in proactive kindness and the unwavering belief that standing up for what's right should be our default, not the exception. Join me in embracing personal excellence as our collective responsibility, and let's foster a culture that extols the virtues of speaking up and effecting change.

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