Episode 160: A Pretty Penny: Funding Pharmaceuticals in a Time of Global Health Inequity

The EMJ Podcast: Insights For Healthcare Professionals

Aug 4 2023 • 42 mins

Mark Sullivan, Medicines for Global Health (MDGH), Melbourne, Australia, joins Jonathan to discuss global health inequality, the difficulties in finding funding as a Managing Director of a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, and infectious diseases such as Hanson’s disease and river blindness.

Use the following timestamps to navigate the podcast topics:


(01:55)-What led Sullivan into biochemistry and microbiology

(03:04)-Sullivan’s subsequent career in Pharma

(04:36)-The world’s only non-profit biopharmaceutical company

(7:28)-Approval of moxidectin

(14:15)-Hansen’s Disease: causes, host response, and treatment

(19:04)-Innovative medicines to treat the diseases of low- and middle-income countries

(22:20)-How to tackle the enormous expenditure in low- and middle-income countries

(30:56)-Product development partnerships

(34:37)-How healthcare professionals can help

(37:25)-Three wishes to improve global healthcare