Episode 144: Fighting Inequality: Pioneering Research in Endometriosis

The EMJ Podcast: Insights For Healthcare Professionals

Apr 14 2023 • 32 mins

This episode focuses on endometriosis and discusses current and new innovative ways for diagnosing this condition. Christine Metz, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, Hempstead, New York, USA, joins Jonathan to discuss innovations in the field and the challenges around obtaining funding for women-centred conditions. Metz also discusses the ROSE study, which is investigating new ways for non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis. Find out more about the ROSE study from the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound).

Use the following timestamps to navigate the topics discussed in this episode:


(01:51)-Metz’s origin story and path to endometriosis research

(04:01)-Defining moments in women’s health research

(05:25)-Explaining endometriosis

(07:47)-Endometriosis research: the ROSE study

(10:57)-Delays in diagnosis

(12:44)-Recruitment for the ROSE study

(13:15)-Endometriosis awareness

(14:15)-Treatment options and accessibility

(16:58)-Award-winning research on a non-invasive diagnostic test for endometriosis

(19:28)-The ROSE II clinical trial

(20:54)-Gaps in women’s health research

(22:20)-Advancing Women in Science and Medicine

(26:32)-Education and mentoring

(29:07)-Three wishes