Portrait of a Portrait | Words + Music, Vol. 40

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a global music phenom. One of the best-selling and most beloved artists of all time, she is an icon and innovator who has solidified herself as a multi-faceted superstar: visionary singer, songwriter, producer, author, mother, public personality, and prolific storyteller. But beyond that, she is an artist’s artist.

These are her Words + Music.

In this special installment of Audible’s popular music storytelling series, listeners are treated to an exclusive preview of Mariah’s exciting new project “The Butterfly Lounge”, an intimate journey into her wondrous musical world. Portrait of a Portrait is a deep dive into the personal and emotionally unexplored depths of Mariah’s songwriting using the soul-stirring final track on her album Caution as the centerpiece. A gifted writer, she takes you on a rare walk through her lyrics—unpacking the words in “Portrait”—while also revisiting moments of fan-favorite songs and even taking a quick trip to “remix-land” with a fully new, never-before-heard remix of “Portrait”!

A must-listen experience for her “Lambs”—as well as anyone who loves pop music—Portrait of a Portrait presents a genius talent and supreme survivor at her most enlightening.

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