Piracy Impact Episode 14 Vic DeMarines

Revenera Software Pulse

Dec 28 2022 • 26 mins

The podcast you are about to listen to, was recorded by Revulytics, which is now a part of Revenera.

If you want to learn more about the topics of discussion or software monetization in general, reach out to us at www.revenera.com

Jason and Michael close out the year and Season 2 of the Piracy Impact Podcast with a great behind-the-scenes conversation with Revulytics’ VP of Product and Strategy, Vic DeMarines. Vic talks about his background in security software with companies like RSA, Progress Software, and Authentica, and the early days of software protection at Revulytics and what led the company to pivot to take a more proactive piracy detection approach. You won’t want to miss Vic’s impressions on the impact of GDPR, changes in software vendors’ approach to license compliance, and where the industry is headed.

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