Piracy Impact Episode 11 Vinod Moza Cadence Design Systems

Revenera Software Pulse

Dec 22 2022 • 23 mins

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In this episode we share our final interview from our event in Paris where Jason spoke with Vinod Moza, Senior Group Director and Worldwide Head, License Compliance, at Cadence Design Systems. Vinod shares that “once confronted with the [infringement] data, it was real” and how piracy is a “problem, but also an opportunity.”

He also discusses the importance for software vendors to focus on their license compliance philosophy and then do the pre-work that will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. Speaking about his own philosophy, he stresses the importance of being customer-centric: helping customers become compliant, building relationships, keeping their environments free of malware, and leveling the playing field when their competitors use pirated software.

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