Are blue eyes really more sensitive to light?

Do you really know?

Sep 23 2023 • 4 mins

The idea that light-colored eyes are generally more fragile is pretty widespread. They’re less resistant to sunlight and require more protection. According to Medical News Today, it’s estimated that around 8-10% of people in the world have blue eyes. When our eyes are open, rays of light pass through the pupil, the black opening in the center of the iris. As you may know, the pupil dilates when it’s dark and contracts in bright light. When light rays strike the retina, they’re captured by photoreceptor cells like rod cells, which are involved in night vision and cone cells that enable color vision, among other things. What’s the function of the iris ? Is sunlight dangerous for the eyes? Is wearing sunglasses enough to protect my eyes ? In under 3 minutes, we answer your questions! To listen to the last episodes, you can click here: What is the olive theory from Tiktok? How does the vagus nerve affect your health? What is climate shadow, the newest way to measure your impact on global warming? A podcast, written and realised by Joseph Chance. In partnership with upday UK. First broadcast: 24/06/2023 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit