Is sleeping naked good for you?

Do you really know?

Sep 27 2023 • 4 mins

According to a YouGov study from 2022, 20% of Brits sleep naked. Men are actually more likely to do so than women, with a rate of 25% compared to 15%. And those who do so tend to talk up the health benefits. For example, science suggests that sleeping naked might help regulate your body temperature more effectively. Our bodies naturally fluctuate throughout the night, and wearing heavy pajamas can interfere with this process. What are the other advantages? Won't I get cold if I sleep naked? In under 3 minutes, we answer your questions! To listen to the last episodes, you can click here : Which foods shouldn't be eaten together? What is xylazine, the so-called zombie drug? How can I stop smoking? A podcast written and realised by Joseph Chance. In partnership with upday UK. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit