Episode 3: The self-driving car

Ben and Sophie: Woby's Secret

Jul 22 2020 • 33 mins

Two kids, a robot, and a missing professor... join in on this mysteriously funny audio adventure! "Ben and Sophie - Woby’s Secret" is the story of two third-graders skilled at investigating all the secrets their world holds. Episode 3 takes Ben, Sophie, and Woby on a trip into the forest at night, where they discover the professor's self-driving car - and find new other mysteries along the way. CAST Ben - Dina Dessner Sophie - Dana Miller Woby - Shawn Williams Sr. Sarah - Madison Brunoehler Michael - Hilary Fingerman Sophie’s Mom - Hilary Fingerman Ben’s Dad - Noah James The Narrator - Jon Armond Written by Catharina Graf Sounddesign and mixing by Daniel Gloor Music by pocketmaster Cover design by margokorotkova Ben and Sophie - Woby’s Secret is based on an idea by Max Graf, our master storyteller, and has been produced by the Spoken Movie Project in 2020. The Spoken Movie Project is listener-supported. Please help us keep the series ad-free and visit www.spokenmovieproject.com to make a donation today. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: AdBarker - https://adbarker.com/privacy Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy Support this podcast