30: From LA Law to Camp Chateau: Transforming Adversity into Opportunity With Philippa Girling (Part 1)

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Mar 3 2023 • 38 mins

Discover the power of resilience, creativity, and pivoting in a new world when you follow one woman's journey from playground bullies to LA Law to CEO of Camp Chateau.

"Plan B is always better than plan A, and quite often plan C is better still." Philippa Girling

Philippa Girling is a CEO of Camp Chateau, a summer camp for women in the south of France. She had a mixed childhood growing up in Surrey and Essex, and has lived in England, America, and Singapore. She is a problem solver and a strategic thinker, and is passionate about creativity and innovation.

Philippa learned to appreciate the value of changing circumstances and accepting a new path when she arrived in new environments and faced different priorities than what she was used to. Whether that was dealing with bullies, an unexpected pregnancy or moving with her husband's job, it all taught her to be resilient and creative.

"~not everybody grows up in the same bubble as you, you get used to being in your world and you think that's the whole world and learning that, that is not the whole world and what worked for you in one environment isn't even going to resonate with people in another." Philippa Girling

Listen to this episode now, to discover:

1. How did Philippa adjust to different environments and social groups as she moved between different societies in England and America?

2. How did her experiences with bullying as a child shape her outlook and career path?

3. How did Philippa's creative problem-solving ability and resilience lead to her success in banking and her current, highly unusual, business venture?


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