Self-Advocacy and Breaking Barriers

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Jul 13 2022 • 30 mins

A huge force for positive change for the disabled community is the Self Advocacy Association of New York State; also known as SANYS. Marisol and Michelle Flood discuss the importance of self-advocacy, how SANYS has created tremendous change in the state of New York and how SANYS is going to the front lines of change to promote self-advocacy.

0:00 – Introduction

01:05 – What is SANYS and their mission

03:53 – What is the relationship with Self-Advocacy and SANYS

04:25 – Progress made and progress still to go for Self-Advocacy

05:47 – Barriers that exist for people with disabilities

07:57 – Could education help us create positive change?

10:22 – What can we do to teach students at an early age about being a self-advocate

12:26 – How does SANYS spread the word about their amazing work

16:02 – What are we advocating for in 2022?

19:03 – These priorities affect us all

21:51 – Human Services Staffing Crisis

24:14 – The importance of relationships with local legislators

25:29 – How to create or re-energize a self-advocacy group

26:04 – How people can get involved in self-advocacy and SANYS

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