Buddha Bites

Shannon M Whitaker

60(ish) seconds of BuddhaMindfulness with your host, Shannon M Whitaker. Come and get 'em!
Buddha Bites EP55 - Learning From Your Own ExperienceBuddha Bites EP54 - Paying Attention AfterBuddha Bites EP53 - Paying Attention DuringBuddha Bites EP52 - Paying Attention BeforeBuddha Bites EP51 - The Garden of Your MindBuddha Bites EP50 - Five Finger Practice 3Buddha Bites EP49 - Five Finger Practice 2Buddha Bites EP48 - Five Finger Practice 1Buddha Bites EP47 - Clarify Your MindBuddha Bites EP46 - Take Up What is GoodBuddha Bites EP45 - Do No HarmBuddha Bites EP44 - The Physical Sensations of Neutral EmotionsBuddha Bites EP43 - The Physical Sensations of Unpleasant EmotionsBuddha Bites EP42 - The Physical Sensations of Pleasant EmotionsBuddha Bites EP41 - Food and Hedonic Tone (Vedanā)Buddha Bites EP40 - Touch and Hedonic Tone (vedanā)Buddha Bites EP39 - Sound and Hedonic Tone (vedana)Buddha Bites EP38 - The 5RsBuddha Bites EP37 - The Blind People and the ElephantBuddha Bites EP36 - Ill Will Part 2