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Tim Pool

Timcast IRL features Tim Pool and guests discussing issues in Culture, News, And Politics Featuring Ian Crossland as co-host and Lydia as live producer
Timcast IRL - CNN's Cuomo CAUGHT Stalking Brothers Victims, Could be FIRED w/Justin GoodmanTimcast IRL #415 - New Evidence Points To Waukesha Attack Being Terror w/Branca & PosobiecTimcast IRL #414 - White House SMEARS Rittenhouse AGAIN, Psaki Doubles Down On Defamation w/Peter NavarroTimcast IRL #413 - BLM Activist Says "The Revolution Has Started" Of Waukesha w/Rekieta Law & Kash PatelTimcast IRL #412 -  RITTENHOUSE NOT GUILTY PARTY W/Blaire White & Chris WilliamsonTimcast IRL #411 - MSNBC Attempted Jury Tampering, BANNED From Rittenhouse Trial w/Ben StewartTimcast IRL #410 - ANOTHER Witness Implicates Alec Baldwin In CRIMINAL Shooting w/Cernovich & MaliceTimcast IRL #409 - Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Blaire White, Michael Malice & DrewHLive Join The Crew LIVETimcast IRL #408 - Rittenhouse Prosecutor AIMS RIFLE AT JURY, Finger ON Trigger w/ Drew HernandezTimcast IRL #407 - National Guard DEPLOYING Over Rittenhouse Verdict w/FenixAmmo & RecoilMagTimcast IRL #406 - Police Prepare For Nationwide BLM Riots As Rittenhouse Faces Acquittal w/Daniel TurnerTimcast IRL #405 - Prosecutors Engage in GROSS Misconduct, Judge Threatens Mistrial w/Jack MurphyTimcast IRL #404 - Judge CAUGHT Someone Filming Rittenhouse Jury, But Did NOTHING w/Steve HiltonTimcast IRL #403 - State Key Witness Just NUKED ENTIRE Rittenhouse Case Proving Self Defense w/Kash PatelTimcast IRL #402 - Anti-Biden Song Let's Go Brandon Hits #1, 2, AND 3, People HATE Biden w/Libby EmmonsTimcast IRL #400 - Dave Chappelle Issues Demands To Netflix Employees, ROASTING Them w/Mark HemingwayTimcast IRL #401 - Alec Baldwin Facing CRIMINAL Charges Says DA, Manslaughter Possible w/Charles LehmanTimcast IRL #399- Alec Baldwin Shot And Killed Woman, NEW Information Drops w/Viva & BarnesTimcast IRL #398 - Trucks DUMP Shipping Containers In The Street Amid Supply Chain Crisis w/JoeyBToonzTimcast IRL #397 - Deranged Leftist Netflix Employees Attack Dave Chappelle Fan w/Jack Posobiec