The Atlanta Athletic Club. A History.

Charles Elliott

Follow the history of the Atlanta Athletic Club as seen through the eyes of Charles Elliot. His book 'The Atlanta Athletic Club...A History' was published in 1973 and takes us from the club's humble beginnings in 1898 to its modern position as one of the premiere clubs in the world. As a dear friend of Bobby Jones, Mr. Elliott offers an insider's look at the club's rise to fame throughout the years.

Ep. 8: Fires, Adversity and the Great DepressionEp. 7: John Heisman and Other Great Physical DirectorsEp. 6: East Lake Was, After All, A LakeEp. 5: The Rise of East Lake and Bobby JonesEp. 4: The Big Move to East Lake.Ep. 3: The Auburn Avenue Years.Ep. 2: The Atlanta Athletic Club... From an Idea to Edgewood Avenue.Ep. 1: Meet Charlie Elliott.