Lucinda Williams

People Have The Power

Aug 25 2020 • 56 mins

Critically acclaimed and beloved singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams takes host Steve Baltin on an incredible journey through her songs of social change from Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Leadbelly, Buffalo Springfield and more. And she discusses how these artists have influenced her superb new album, 'Good Souls Better Angels," her dream collaborations and much more.

"It's very liberating especially to write one, but also to sing a song you know is gonna piss some people off," she says laughing. "I sort of get a secret thrill out of pushing people's buttons like that. Like the Trump-supporter type people."

And she talks about the importance of protest songs. "I'm wiser now, older and wiser. But I still have that same kind of excitement, I still get that same feeling when I go out, I'm singing these songs and everybody is standing up at the end of the night. That feeling of unity. That's what these songs represent to me. Cause I spent a lot of time at protests when I was younger playing my guitar and singing some of these songs. That feeling that comes over you when you feel like we're all of like minds and everybody is singing together. There is nothing like that. It's a great feeling."

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