Better Brave: Solopreneur Business Systems

Candace Dudley

This podcast is for the solopreneur who's wearing all the hats. But, now you're ready to delegate and start living that time free life which is why you started your business in the first place!

Hey, it's Candace, your host! 👋🏼I am obsessed with systems that help us entrepreneurs get our time back and make our businesses run efficiently. I've been a solo-entrepreneur since 2018 and there's no gatekeeping of information on this show! I am a certified life + mindfulness coach, mom of 3, wife, podcaster and owner/creator of Willow & Wren.

Stick around to hear from me and my guests as we talk shop and all things entrepreneurship. Cheers to small businesses!

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S3 E30: The Soul-preneur Journey with Maggie Hunter
Mar 19 2024
S3 E30: The Soul-preneur Journey with Maggie Hunter
Send us a Text Message.Maggie currently lives in South Florida with her 7 year old son and her mini goldendoodle Artemis. You might also find her up in the sky flying with her 18 year old college son who is a pilot. Guided by her formal education and training,  she navigates her journey with a foundation in Clinical Psychology, Evolutionary Astrology, and Shamanic practices. As a seeker who is deeply rooted in spiritual exploration, she is dedicated to personal growth, sovereignty, & evolution.Building on her 6-figure manifestation coaching business’s success, she now integrates astrology into her practice, using birth charts as energetic roadmaps to offer a deeper, more personalized journey for her clients towards fulfillment and prosperity. She stands apart from others due to the fusion of her seasoned expertise with transformative, tailored strategies. She is committed to this work to help women connect with their wholeness and truth, enabling them to become beacons of light on this planet.  When women are free, unbound and aligned with their life purpose, the world changes. Connect with Maggie: Website:  Email:  Instagram:    Podcast: FREE Resources:  Basic Astrology Guide:  Soul Legacy Program Waitlist: to the website: Interested in the Aligned Business Collective? Learn more here: Free Sales Page Planner: the Show.