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”To the Best of Our Knowledge” is a Peabody award-winning national public radio show that explores big ideas and beautiful questions. Deep interviews with philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, historians, and others help listeners find new sources of meaning, purpose, and wonder in daily life. Whether it’s about bees, poetry, skin, or psychedelics, every episode is an intimate, sound-rich journey into open-minded, open-hearted conversations. Warm and engaging, TTBOOK helps listeners feel less alone and more connected – to our common humanity and to the world we share.

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Our Editor's Take

To The Best Of Our Knowledge is a podcast by Wisconsin Public Radio. The show's host, Anne Strainchamps, is a reporter, columnist, producer, and news director. She brings professionalism and creativity to the popular program's narration. The show has real-life conversations with people who have unique and valuable experiences. The program's documentary style paints pictures with descriptions, sound effects, and music. This immerses the listeners in the experiences and stories.

This National Public Radio show covers many fascinating topics. To The Best Of Our Knowledge has one-off stories, like “Generation Witch.” This episode talks about the resurgence of the online witch communities of today. Another episode asks, “Can An Evil Man Be A Decent Person?” That story featured an interview with an American soldier who guarded Saddam Hussein. He found the Iraqi dictator likable and felt guilt over witnessing his execution.

The weekly show also has some sub-series. The “Going for Broke” episodes focus on economic hardship in America. It also suggests innovative solutions for solving poverty. Ideas From Africa episodes discuss colonialism, development, language, and jazz. Strainchamps and her crew discuss other intriguing topics on the weekly podcast. Subjects range from death, climate change, fantasy, and dogs to the secrets of trees and much more.

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