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How To Be An Ethical Traveler
Jan 28 2023
How To Be An Ethical Traveler
Before the pandemic upended all world travel, we aired a show about what it means to be an ethical traveler. Between masks and vaccinations, COVID-19 has added even more to the ethical baggage we carry with us when we travel. But part of recovering from the pandemic involves getting back out there and seeing the world. So before you take your next trip abroad, we thought we would revisit some thoughts and advice in that episode. Safe journeys. This show was produced in partnership with AFAR Magazine, whose May/June 2019 issue on ethical traveling inspired this episode. Original Air Date: May 25, 2019 Interviews In This Hour:  Trying Not To Ruin The World When You Visit — A Personal Code of Travel Ethics — How to Lessen Your Environmental Impact When You Travel — Traveling Abroad Without Falling Into Guilt Trips — To Travel Well, Be Willing To Listen, Play, Leave The Notebook Behind Guests:  Elizabeth Becker, Dave Eggers, Kathryn Kellogg, Anu Taranath, Barry Lopez Further Reading: Afar Magazine: Making the World Better, One Traveler at a Time—Afar Magazine: 4 Ways to Explore Venice Responsibly—Afar Magazine: Are We Loving Venice to Death?—Afar Magazine: How to Photograph People When You Travel (Without Being Disrespectful) Never want to miss an episode? Subscribe to the podcast. Want to hear more from us, including extended interviews and favorites from the archive? Subscribe to our newsletter. , kathryn kellog, anu taranath, barry lopez