#006: Say Yes Less

Career Growth Made Easy

Dec 23 2019 • 23 mins

If you are known as a “Yes” person, this episode is for you.

If you’re not careful you could easily become overloaded and overworked.

Your performance may suffer and you could become disconnected from your family and friends.

Put 3 simple steps in place to help prevent this and gain back some of your day!

This advice helps you work smarter - not harder.

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[00:45] Our year in review

[01:14] Ep 04: What’s in your junk drawer?

[01:58] Are you taking on too much?

[02:36] Ep 03: Overwhelmed and overloaded by email and text

[03:23] Is your plate too full?

[04:13] Consequences of being overloaded

[05:10] My real-life overwork story

[07:49] “Hey Dad, did you forget something?”

[08:59] Does a long weekend recharge your batteries?

[09:58] My visit to the doctor

[11:42] Working harder, not smarter

[12:57] How to Say Yes Less

[16:13] “Now” is not SMART!

[17:28] My annual performance review

[18:02] 3 Steps To Help Manage Workload

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