Doctor Who Series 4, Episode 10 'Midnight' Recap - The Oz Network TV

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Jun 8 2017 • 38 mins

We begin our month of random recaps of random episodes of random TV shows based on suggestions from you, the listeners. This week's suggestion brings us the classic episode of Doctor Who "Midnight' from 2008. As a longtime fan of Doctor Who, Colin brings you all the explanations behind sonic screwdrivers, TARDIS, and the world of New Who, while Nick comes in blindly as he watches his first ever episode of this show. Our hosts talk about how great the low budget feel for this episode was, while also struggling to really explain what the point of the story really was. From the charisma of David Tennant, to the fun supporting characters, to dull supporting characters, to recognizing future TV stars from other shows we also haven't seen, it's as random as a random TV recap can get..... it's as random as a random TV recap can get. For those who have never seen this episode, that was not a typo. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★