S2 Ep4: Case 012: The Party King Of Queen

Ricky & Tony: Pop Detectives

Jun 30 2020 • 42 mins

In 1987 Freddie Mercury turned 41 and decided to throw the mother of all parties at Pikes beach club in Ibiza. With myths a-plenty for this party, it even features in the Bohemian Rhapsody film, it’s hard to know what’s legend and what’s the truth!

350 bottles of champagne, a six-foot cake, three days just to inflate all the balloons and also a firework display that could be seen from Majorca, almost 100 miles away!

Ricky and Tony investigate by chatting to Andy Hubble from one of the country’s top fireworks display companies to find out if fireworks could have been seen from that far away or whether it’s just hot air.

Next the pair track down someone who was actually at the party, and not just anybody, the man who took all of the photos and was Freddie’s personal photographer at most of his parties, Richard Young. Richard captured loads of shots of Freddie over the years and shares his memories of the party and what it was like to be Freddie’s go-to photographer.

See some more photos from Freddie’s party here.

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From Globe Productions
Producer: Gareth Evans at EighteenSixty
Creative Producer: Will Nichols