34. Your Closet = Your Self Worth

The Art of Business

Feb 27 2023 • 26 mins

Your clothing says a lot about you.

Many people choose to not make it mean anything and just see it as a necessity that keeps you protected and warm.

But if you're here and you're anything like me and you've been trying to numb that part of you that LOVES beauty and dressing up "just because", then this episode is for You.

Especially on those days, where it doesn't matter.
Where no one's looking.
When you don't have a meeting or date.
When you're just alone at your laptop, with your kids at the playground.
This episode is my gift to you.
To start to see the potency of the things you put on your body. Every. Single. Day.

• Why your closet is the perfect place to start your self confidence journey
• How to create more vibrance starting in your wardrobe
• Why society tried to fool us into thinking that style is vane to disempower us

It's time for a revolution. Who's in?

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