17. Make Time Work For You

The Art of Business

Aug 27 2022 • 16 mins

Let's unpack the idea of "hard work". When did it become unsexy to work hard for your dreams? You come into entrepreneurship with your "butt time clock" still in your pocket. You can't do the same thing expecting different results. Especially when you're responsible for your own money now as an entrepreneur.

I don't blame you. No one is teaching us this in school and for sure not in your 9 to 5.

So let's learn this potent practice NOW.

Ready when you are.

Let's dive in.

I'm Lilly Beyond, a self employed and LCS Certified Life Coach since 2018 with chronic headaches, burnout survivor, undiagnosed ADD, and seasonal depression. I chose to not let those challenging circumstances not stop me any more. And I want to show you here how you can do, too.

• Why you secretly hate your To-Do List
• How to spot when you're in "butt time" mode
• The secret trick to increate your capacity to focus on producing results
• The 3 most powerful questions you need to answer right now to clean up your relationship with time

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