The Daf Map for the Daf Yomi Yevamos 81

The Daf Map for the Daf Yomi

May 22 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

The Daf Map system, developed by HaRav Yehonasan Berger, Shlita, is an innovative method that uses geometric shapes to structure the Gemara, thereby increasing understanding, retention, and effective chazara (review). Over 40 years in development, this method is currently being used by thousands of people worldwide.

After learning a daf Gemara, do you sometimes walk away with a nagging feeling that you don't know basic pshat in the sugya? After learning, do you often wonder, “What did I just learn?”

The Daf Map system can help.

Our innovative method uses geometric lines and shapes to visually highlight what is unfolding on the page, and to break down the flow of the Gemara into precise points: What is the Gemara trying to prove with this statement? How does it correlate with what comes before and after? What are its implications for the sugya's overall structure?  Today, thousands of students worldwide -- both beginners and advanced -- are using this system to enhance their understanding and retention of the Gemara.

Why is The Daf Map system so effective?

We have all heard the expression, "The Sea of Talmud." Yet with a sea so vast and deep, how will one navigate the waters?

If you were traveling on land, you would have a map to designate the topography, landmarks, highways, etc.  But just as a sea has no obvious landmarks, so too, the hundreds of words on a daf Gemara contains have no punctuation or readily-apparent structure.  Yet in truth, beneath the surface, the Gemara has a very distinct "topography." And that is where The Daf Map system comes in. As you learn a piece of Gemara, six to eight points are highlighted on any page to map out a logical flow and highlight key points. The markings are overlayed and interconnected -- providing a clear, composite picture of each daf Gemara.

With The Daf Map system, you will walk away with a clear pshat in the Gemara. Your chazaras will be far easier and more effective. And that nagging sense of frustration will be a thing of the past. The Daf Map system is simple yet sophisticated... your navigation device for the high seas of Talmud.

Dedicated in memory of HaRav Ozer ben Alexander HaKohen Berger, ZT"L

הרב עוזר בן אלכסנדר הכהן ברגר זצ״ל

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