The Power of Peace

Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

Dec 5 2021 • 6 mins

Still in Maui, but always here, in and AS Love with you! New episodes every day!

"Peace is the feeling that knows no obstacles. Peace is the experience that strengthens our being yet confronts our lives in so many ways. Peace is the original state of the great quiet. When we learn how immense the Peace is, it flows in like a stream of light. Peace can seemingly come crashing down upon our lives if we do not know how to receive it. Peace can knock over our lives and all the walls we erect to protect ourselves from it. Peace can be very gentle, like waves lapping at the shore. But the power of peace can be frightening, at least in the beginning, for those who become aware how separate their lives have been from the presence in the silence. True peace can open questions about everything in our lives that is not peaceful.   With peace as our desire, sooner or later we may have no choice but to make peace with everyone and every part of our life."
- Dr. Bruce Davis,  Monastery Without Walls: Daily Life in the Silence

"And I am higher in. But also firing. Also firing, firing." - Kanye

Today's Practice:
When you feel resistance (upset of any intensity physical or mental) to a dark moment or dark period in your life-- keep pausing and listening for Silence.  Keep feeling for Love.  Let everything that's not built on Love fall.  You won't.  You and all the forms of Love meant for you, will be left standing tall, unscathed, unburnt... the breaker of chains ;)

I Love you and I'm with you,