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Welcome to St Louis In Tune, where we size up current and historic events involving people, places, and things in areas such as the arts, crime, education, employment, faith, finance, food, history, housing, humor, justice, and sports. The interviews on our weekly podcast get down to brass tacks. We originate from and connect the Gateway City to our country's current cultural fabric and lives. The show is co-hosted by Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston.
Doe Network: Naming the Nameless and Returning the Missing to Their Families
Jan 12 2022
37 mins
Our Precious Hope: St. Louis' Baby Jane DoeA Little Song, a Little Dance, a Little Seltzer Down Your Pants!Brian Woods - Pianist: Pushing the Boundary to Keep It Fun and Interesting
American pianist https://www.brianwoodspianist.com/ (Brian Woods) has emerged as a compelling artist of international acclaim. Woods' 2021-2022 season highlights include his solo debuts at the World Chess Hall of Fame and as a featured soloist for the https://www.chambermusicstl.org/ (Chamber Music Society of St. Louis). A native of St. Louis, Woods has enjoyed success in numerous distinguished competitions, including the Verona International Piano Competition, The American Prize, the Music Teachers' National Association Young Artist Competition, and the Artist Presentation Society Auditions. A trove of insights from this bright young pianist. BTW, he begins his debut as Music Director for Classical Programming at the https://worldchesshof.org/program/12105/Music%20Series:%20Brian%20Woods?fbclid=IwAR0v5LzmnBV5ZP5XJiievW5uels_vryAb4T9kUKssFMAXXEBF15CiH-9LX8 (World Chess Hall of Fame) with a solo recital on January 20, 2022, at 7 pm! Don't miss this opportunity to not only hear me perform a short program live in the New Year but get your first look at the 2022 Season! Capacity is low, get your tickets now! [01:07] Background Music, piano, university John O'Conor Playing by ear and moving to read music Playing in church [10:18] Mishaps on stage and the enjoyment of the musical performance [12:52] Chamber Music Society Performance [14:05] Beethoven Sonata in F minor Opus 57 [17:18] Memorizing music [22:19] Piano Masterclass [24:00] Technicality vs Musicality [28:07] Importance of Mentors and Teachers [39:12] Words to budding musicians and pianists This is Season 4! For more episodes, go to https://stlintune.com/ (stlintune.com) #music #piano #pianist #Toronto #stlouis #chambermusic #chambermusicstl #stlouischess #chesshalloffame #Beethoven #Chopin
Dec 13 2021
46 mins
"Songs for Nobodies" is a Show for Everybody!
Vocalist https://maxandlouie.com/shows/songs-for-nobodies-2021-remount/debby-lennon/ (Debby Lennon) and Director https://maxandlouie.com/shows/songs-for-nobodies-2021-remount/pamela-hunt/ (Pam Hunt) are back together for an encore production of Joanna Murray-Smith's "https://maxandlouie.com/shows/songs-for-nobodies/ (Songs for Nobodies)." This one-woman powerhouse performance weaves the music of legendary divas Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, and Maria Callas throughout a mosaic of stories told by the everyday women who had unexpected life-changing encounters with these musical icons. The show is a https://maxandlouie.com/home/ (Max and Louie) production. [01:00] Background Debby Lennon [03:06] About "Songs for Nobodies" [05:13] Storytelling, singing, and melting into 10 roles [08:15] Special considerations when you are the only one on stage (besides the musicians)? [12:00] Why this works for Debby Lennon [14:45] Learning the styles of Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, and Maria Callas [18:50] https://maxandlouie.com/max-louie-productions-covid-19-safety-protocols/ (Covid safety protocols for the performance) [20:37] Debby Lennon singing, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_n_BOgjfIIRRHhEFN7Uq_paeEU5o-uW6uc ("I'm All Smiles") [24:04] Background Pam Hunt [26:23] An encore production-more details of the show [29:42] From choreographer to director [31:24] Learning lessons from some leading ladies and men [32:59] Differences the second time around [34:15] Advice to budding stars [38:27] League of Professional Theatre Women This is Season 4! For more episodes, go to https://stlintune.com/ (stlintune.com) #music #theatre #stlouis #maxandlouie #max&louie #pamhunt #debbylennon #thegrandel #nightclub #cabaret #judygarland #patsycline #billieholiday #edithpiaf #mariacallas #choreography #choreographer #director
Dec 5 2021
40 mins
Alumination: A Documentary Film and Journey with the AirstreamFilms About St. Louis: A View from the Director's Chair
Directors Damien D. Smith and Alana Marie provide background and attention to important events in their respective films "https://www.cinemastlouis.org/sliff/target-st-louis-vol-1 (Target: St. Louis Vol. I)" and "https://www.cinemastlouis.org/sliff/kinloch-doc (The Kinloch Doc)." The films are a part of the https://www.cinemastlouis.org/sliff/film-listings (St. Louis International Film Festival) and can be seen online. "Target: St. Louis Vol I," tells the story of the U.S. government’s secret Cold War-era dispersal of aerosolized radioactive material in Pruitt-Igoe and other North City locations with majority Black populations to gauge their effects. "The Kinloch Doc" explores how two major political decisions — a city merger and the Lambert Airport buyout — essentially destroyed the community. [01:08] Background https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1902520/ (Damien D. Smith) [02:30] "Target: St. Louis Vol I" Overview [04:08] Government and Company Complicity [11:44] The St. Louis Black Community [14:22] Where to get more information and Future Volumes? [22:38] Background http://thekinlochdoc.com/kinloch-crew (Alana Marie) [23:35] Writing and Storytelling [24:11] Overview of "The Kinloch Doc" [27:22] The Airport Buyout [29:57] The Strength of Community [31:02] From Social Work to Film Director [34:48] The Dissolution of the Kinloch Schools [39:08] Kinloch Today [41:55] Will there be more films from you? This is Season 4! For more episodes, go to https://stlintune.com/ (stlintune.com) #film #SLIFF #director #stlouis #movies #filmfestival #PruittIgoe #Kinloch #airport #radiation #radioactivematerial #cinemastlouis #damiendsmith #alanamarie #education #schooldistrict #chemicalcompanies
Nov 16 2021
48 mins
Hymn of Despair: The Blue Song of Tennessee Williams
Nov 15 2021
43 mins
The Brilliance is in the Simplicity: @adamwayne_artsSTLworks: Workforce Development Collaborative-Learn and EarnA Dynamic Duo: Seipp/Sheets Trumpet & Organ Duo
https://www.seippsheetsduo.com/about/ (Charles Seipp and Randall Sheets) are uniquely talented in their own right as musicians. When they perform together, the https://www.seippsheetsduo.com/ (Seipp/Sheets Trumpet & Organ Duo) emerges dynamically to enthrall, entertain, and educate audiences across the country. The duo’s thoughtful programming, artistic arrangements, and powerful, innovative, and interactive video presentations make the https://www.facebook.com/seippsheetsduo (Seipp/Sheets Duo) musicians to watch today. [03:01] Background Dr. Seipp-trumpet, United States Army Band "Pershing's Own" (retired) Dr. Sheets-organist, Arlington National Cemetery [08:02] Memorable moments in the career [13:17] Arrangements for the Duo https://www.cjseippmusic.com/catalog/ (Brass Quintet), https://www.cjseippmusic.com/audio-video/ (Wedding Book) [14:03] What to expect at a concert A great mix of styles (Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Sousa, Freddie Mercury, etc.) Use of videos when we play Joining music with silent movies and poems [25:12] Uniqueness of pipe organs [32:19] Philosophy of music and https://today.ttu.edu/posts/2012/12/visiting-trumpet-professor-shares-world-class-experience (playing the trumpet) [36:32] Advice to budding musicians This is Season 4! For more episodes, go to https://stlintune.com/ (stlintune.com) #music #trumpet #organ #pipeorgan #bach #handel #vivaldi #freddiemercury #toccata #fugue #sousa #usarmy #usarmyband #arlingtoncemetery #arlingtonnationalcemetery #universityofkansas #ku #pershingsown #weddingmusic #catholicuniversity #universityofmaryland #wittenberguniversity #churchmusic
Oct 2 2021
40 mins
The Black Rep in St. Louis-Theatre of the Soul for 45 Years9/11 Tribute: Relecting on Losing a Father on 9/11 by Kimberly Rex
On September 11, 2001, Kimberly Rex lost her father, Vincent Litto who was a senior vice-president at Cantor Fitzgerald. He worked on the 104th floor of Tower 1. Kimberly recently had two opinion pieces published: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/05/opinions/never-forget-9-11-kimberly-rex/index.html ("When people say 'Never Forget' 9/11, this is what I hear") for CNN, and https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/09/03/my-father-was-killed-911-i-still-struggle-understand-how-he-just-disappeared/ ("My father was killed on 9/11. I still struggle to understand how he just disappeared") for the Washington Post. She graciously talked to https://stlintune.com/ (Saint Louis In Tune) and reflected on the loss and memories of her father and the ongoing grief which impacts many 9/11 families. [01:10] Introduction [02:45] Background [04:10] Losing a Family Member in the 9/11 Attacks [07:55] Impact on being a writer, mom, wife [10:50] https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/09/03/my-father-was-killed-911-i-still-struggle-understand-how-he-just-disappeared/ (Washington Post Article) [15:30] Impact of Grief [21:22] https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/05/opinions/never-forget-9-11-kimberly-rex/index.html (CNN Article) [25:45] Recalling walking down the pit after one year [29:55] The Importance of Writing-A Therapeutic Part [37:45] Epilogue This is Season 4! #neverforget #newyork #worldtradecenter #cantorfitzgerald #cnn #washingtonpost #nypd #nyfd #reflection #tragicloss #grief #griefresolution #911memorial #911memorial&museum #911tribute
Sep 15 2021
39 mins
New Life for a Print Paper: The Webster-Kirkwood Times9/11 Tribute: Capturing a Privileged Moment by Henry Leutwyler
For over 40 years, https://www.henryleutwyler.com/ (Henry Leutwyler) has been capturing the essence of people and objects. In this episode of https://www.stlintune.com (Saint Louis In Tune), he discusses the romantic process of photography and how a still life is a portrait of an object. His portraits of 9/11 recovered objects in the https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/article/artifacts-pulled-from-the-rubble-of-9-11-become-symbols-of-what-was-lost (September 2021 issue of National Geographic) vibrate with honor and tribute. The photographs http://www.foleygallery.com/shows/sacred-dust ("Sacred Dust") can be seen at the http://www.foleygallery.com/ (Foley Gallery) in New York City September 10-26. For more information on this story, visit https://www.nationalgeographic.com/ (natgeo.com). National Geographic's related four-night limited series, 9/11: One Day in America, which is airing this week at 9/8c. The series will also stream the next day on Hulu and re-air on National Geographic on Sept. 10 and 11. (Episode Photo by Henry Leutwyler/National Geographic) [03:06] Background [07:16] Changes in Photography [08:59] The Romantic Process [11:50] Getting it right (Helmut Newton, Iggy Pop) [16:49] The perspective of humility [24:27] Portraits of Objects [26:47] National Geographic Commission Recovery Concept Humility Sacred Dust Robert Capa [37:49] A Private Lesson from Henry Leutwyler on Photography This is Season 4! #photography #photographer #photoshoot #camera #911memorial #911museum #September11 #newyork #henryleutwyler #switzerland #nationalgeographic #fashionphotographer #stilllife #lens #film #foleygallery #sacreddust #pulledfromtherubble #artifacts #echoesofloss #patriciaedmonds #twintowers #recovery #dust #remembrance #portraits #robertcapa #recoveredobjects #newyorkcity #romanticprocess #911tribute #portraitsofobjects #ursulaandress
Aug 30 2021
51 mins
Haiti Needs Our HELP! Do you have a CARGO PLANE?The International Institute of St. Louis - You Are Not AloneMOONSTONE THEATRE COMPANY: 2021-2022 SeasonMISSOURI 2021 - The Bicentennial Celebration!The Glass Menagerie and The Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis