Inspiring Innovation at the Speed of Laughter

Saint Louis In Tune

Apr 13 2022 • 47 mins

John Sweeney (aka Jiggly Boy) is a keynote speaker and has captured the imagination of some of the most respected companies in the world. This isn't because: he owned the nation’s oldest comedy theatre; nor a quote from his first book appeared on millions of Starbucks coffee cups; nor he danced shirtless on national television earning him “Fan of the Year” accolades from the Today Show. He and his team at the https://bravenewoutpost.com/ (Brave New Outpost) harness transformational laughter to help professionals activate their best, most innovative, and most resilient mindset. [00:22] http://johnsweeney.co/books/ (Return to Civility) [02:11] The author himself, http://johnsweeney.co/ (John Sweeney)-Let's start at the very beginning [06:47] Defining improv [09:22] Digging into the mindset of discovery or a mindset of improvisation [12:04] http://johnsweeney.co/wp-content/themes/johnsweeney/files/bnwlearningmodel2014.pdf (The Big Five-From Fear to Discovery) Listen, Defer Judgment, Reframe, Declare, Jump In Humor as the elixir or the lubricant of the learning We are what we practice [17:11] Example from John's life [19:47] Saint Louis In Tune [21:48] How Return to Civility came about and Change of Ownership Brave New Workshop Dudley RIggs [28:16] Theatre-a place to illuminate discussions that most people are too uncomfortable to have. [30:12] Influence of technology [31:02] Satirical comedy-humorous, reflective, and often serious viewpoints on reality [35:04] A show on systemic racism [37:56] Using the words: Yes, And [40:02] The birth of https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAvc25GqzoFIJF7KyfGtpw (Jiggly Boy) https://www.jigglyboy.com/ (The video)-500 million views All revenue goes to the https://www.smilenetwork.org/ (Smile Network International) This is Season 5! For more episodes, go to https://stlintune.com/ (stlintune.com) #jigglyboy #johnsweeney #bravenewoutpost #returntocivility #minnesotatimberwolves #minnesota #smilenetwork #businessgrowth