PRECIPICE with host Annie Levin: a conversation with Lyndsey Scott, an artist/gardener/song carrier/yoga teacher planting seeds in her home town

Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio

Jul 13 2017 • 55 mins

On this episode of Precipice we will speak with Lyndsey Scott, a visual artist, gardener, song carrier, and yoga teacher who moved back to her rural home town four years ago, where the literal and figurative seeds she has been planting are blooming in unexpected ways. We discuss shifting our understanding of the small, the wisdom of the body and power of song, surrendering to the unknown, creating welcoming communities in a troubled time, and more. You read Lyndsey's beautiful writing, follow her adventures, and explore her art at www.seehere.info, or follow her on Instagram at lila.gaia. Selected artwork is available for purchase on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ghettomorphosis.