9 Prisons One Key Series with Susan Olesek: Type 6, The Skeptic/Loyalist

Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio

Aug 24 2017 • 57 mins

The Enneagram is an incisive tool for self-knowing. It gets to the heart of our recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, & behaviors – those things we repeatedly do, some of which we wish we didn’t. Our habits are so hard to drop precisely because they are conditioned into our survival strategies as children. Actually, we are all in a prison of our own making in the ways we suffer our personalities. Sometimes, we really think our habits ARE all of who we are, but actually, we are so much more. People can grow & change. But, we cannot change what we cannot understand, what we cannot see. Seeing what we habitually do as only a part of who we fully are, gives us a flexibility inside, that choice – the “freedom” – to put down the things that aren’t working, & expand. During this 9 Prisons One Key series, we will dive into one of these nine personal prisons every month, leaving you with the compassionate, continual reminder that it is us who holds the key to our own real freedom.