What is a Good Life? #71 - Holding The Tensions Of Life with Mariana Louis

What is a Good Life?

May 21 2024 • 1 hr 11 mins

On the 71st episode of the What is a Good Life? podcast, I am delighted to introduce our guest, Mariana Louis M.A. Mariana is a professional tarot counsellor, scholar, and creator of Persephone's Sister, a platform for psycho-spiritual education and guidance. Following her academic study of analytical psychology and Western Intellectual Traditions, Mariana integrated her scholarship into her developing expertise in the tarot and formulated an approach she calls Archetypal Tarot. She teaches this approach, which marries Jungian concepts with the symbolic depth of the tarot, in a host of courses for tarot students of all levels.

This glorious conversation touches on many vital themes that contribute to a good life: Mariana’s journey of individuation, the interplay between the sacred and the mundane, the tensions of the human experience between zooming in and out, the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us, and the dynamics of order and chaos, growth and structure. Mariana also shares the significant influence that the Tarot and Carl Jung have had on her sense of experiencing more wholeness in her life.

If you are seeking more movement in your life, if you feel stuck and are lacking the faith or trust to take a necessary next step, this conversation will provide you with much to contemplate, insight, and inspiration for taking that next step along your own authentic path and embracing uncertainty.

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Running Order:
00:01 Introduction
03:11 How does one live side by side with God
07:06 The interplay of the sacred and the mundane
11:56 A reengagement with the feminine archetype
19:21 Embracing love, nature, and the unknown
24:06 The exploration and relationship with Tarot
31:48 The capacity to see the bigger picture
36:09 Finding the right question and faith
39:22 Holding the tensions of the opposites
45:36 Mystical experiences
52:06 Embracing the human experience
55:36 Not resisting our nature
1:00:46 Letting go of perfection and idols
1:07:46 What is a good life for Mariana?