Top Kagglers Panel on Best Practises for Training Models

Chai Time Data Science

Jan 22 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

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In this "episode", Sanyam Bhutani will host the the world's top kagglers and best data scientists to learn and debate the best practises for training ml models.   We will learn from their experience of having won multiple competitions and built many incredible products at H2O: what are the best practises for taming your ml model


Dmitry Gordeev:

Gabor Fodor:ábor-fodor-6a081548/?originalSubdomain=hu

Pascal Pfeiffer:

Philipp Singer:

Yauhen Babakhin:

Sanyam Bhutani:

A show for interviews with Practitioners, Kagglers & Researchers hosted by Sanyam.