Who Killed JFK?


Who Killed JFK? For 60 years, we are still asking that question. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's tragic assassination, legendary filmmaker Rob Reiner teams up with award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to tell the history of America’s greatest murder mystery. They interview CIA officials, medical experts, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, eyewitnesses and a former Secret Service agent who, in 2023, came forward with groundbreaking new evidence. They dig deep into the layers of the 60-year-old question ‘Who Killed JFK?’, how that question has shaped America, and why it matters that we’re still asking it today.

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Our Editor's Take

The Who Killed JFK? podcast is on a mission to find the actual assassin who shot President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on that historic, fateful day in 1963. Police charged Lee Harvey Oswald within hours of Kennedy's murder. The next day, Oswald made a curious statement. He told the press he was a "patsy" who took the blame for someone else. The hosts of the show, film director Rob Reiner and broadcast journalist Soledad O'Brien, investigate his defense.

The day after Oswald's claim, reporters gathered in the police headquarter's garage. They came to record Oswald's escort to the county jail to await trial. Without explanation, nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the stomach. He claimed it was to avenge the president and appease the First Lady. Was it to silence Oswald before his testimony? It took fifteen years for government officials to change their story. They began calling the murder a conspiracy. The podcast hosts believe the original one-bullet theory wasn't logical. There was a pristine bullet found where the First Lady sat.

Reiner was 16 at the time of the JFK assassination. He created the Who Killed JFK? podcast because he believes Americans deserve the truth. To Reiner, this act might as well have happened yesterday since it's unsolved. As time passes, new truths continue to emerge. Did Joe Biden or Donald Trump conceal them? Was Lyndon B. Johnson involved? The hosts provide answers. Through research and tips, Reiner formulates a theory. He and author Dick Russell tell listeners there may have been at least four shooters. They name them and their hidden locations.

Reiner founded Castle Rock Entertainment and cofounded the American Foundation for Equal Rights. He starred in All in the Family and Spinal Tap, a film he cowrote and produced. Reiner is an activist who makes iconic movies, including When Harry Met Sally. O'Brien founded Starfish Media Group. She's worked with CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and HBO. O'Brien is a correspondent on America Tonight and Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. She hosts Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien. Listeners can expect exceptional entertainment from Who Killed JFK?

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