From Corporate Ladder to Business Powerhouse: Laurel Rutledge's Story

The BLK Directory Podcast With Diamond Young

Nov 28 2023 • 41 mins

What if you could cut through the fog of scaling your business and step into a successful senior executive role with more confidence than ever before? This week, I'm thrilled to chat with the incredible Laurel Rutledge, a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and chief navigation officer who has made it her mission to guide women-owned businesses and up-and-coming senior executives towards success. Drawing from her own rich journey in the corporate world, Laurel brings a unique perspective to our conversation, particularly around the importance of building a figurative tribe and a robust support system to bolster your business and leadership journey.

Laurel's transition from corporate roles to becoming a business powerhouse is nothing short of inspiring. She gives us a snapshot of her time in the corporate world, working in accounting and HR roles, and how her experiences shaped her understanding of the significance of trust in a team, the essential role of internal audits, and most importantly, the courage to leave when the environment conflicts with your integrity. Our candid conversation extends into the realm of visibility and the role it plays in achieving success in both corporate and entrepreneurial landscapes.

Get ready for an exciting roller-coaster ride as we follow Laurel’s journey of evolving into an impact-driven entrepreneur. Despite initial hesitations, Laurel embraced podcasting as a platform for sharing inspiring stories, which now resonates with a vast audience. She shares her mission of making a significant, positive impact on K-12 education and how she has consistently kept her business thriving over the last six years. Tune in for an episode filled with personal insights, invaluable advice, and an inspiring conversation with the phenomenal Laurel Rutledge.

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