Rolling in the Cookie Dough with Pastry Chef David Benton (REPLAY)

The BLK Directory Podcast With Diamond Young

Aug 2 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

Welcome back to another episode of the BLK Directory Podcast and today's episode will be a replay of episode #2 where I have the pleasure of interviewing Pastry Chef David Benton. Owner Pastry Chef David Benton started Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio in 2009 baking in his duplex kitchen in East Oakland. Sugarsweet became a sought-after success making it one of the busiest online bakeries in the Bay Area.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Operating during the pandemic (3:30)
  • How Chef Benton became a pastry chef (12:45)
  • From laid-off to mastering the craft (16:55)
  • The bakery search begins (25:45)
  • Depression and hitting rock bottom enters the chat (42:40)
  • Bouncing back through perseverance (50:00)
  • Advice, words of encouragement, and what's next (56:50)

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