The Nemeth Report

T. Nemeth

Broadening the conversation with the public regarding the role of hydrocarbons in our modern technological way of life through the lens of the environment and climate change.
Episode 10 - Conversation with Robert Lyman on the IPCC, COP26, and Net-ZeroEpisode 9 -- Conversation with Donna Laframboise on the IPCCEpisode 8 - Conversation with Marc Morano -- Green New Deals and the Great ResetEpisode 7 - Conversation with Robert Bryce -- A Question of Power, Net Zero, and ElectricityEpidsode 6 - Conversation with Deidra Garyk -- ENGOs Move to Close Off the Canadian ArcticEpisode 5 - Conversation with Dr. John Robson -- China's Global Ambitions: Climate, The West, and the Net Zero TransitionEpisode 4 -- Conversation with Dr. H. Sterling Burnett -- The Great Reset and the Net Zero TransitionEpisode 3 -- Conversation with Michelle Stirling -- The IPCC, COP26, and the Net Zero FutureEpisode 2 -- Conversation with Rupert Darwall -- Understanding the Green Tyranny Before UsEpisode 1 -- Conversation with Dave Yager -- From Miracle to Menace: Understanding the Assault on Hydrocarbons in Canada and the West