Bonus Episode: How Real is The Hacker Chronicles? An Inside Look with Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes and Abel10

The Hacker Chronicles

Sep 19 2022 • 15 mins

Thank you for listening to the first season of The Hacker Chronicles!

Alice’s chronicles are more than a thriller: they’re a series of lessons. From insider threats, to supply chain attacks, to ransomware hostages – everyone is vulnerable to a hacker like Abel10.

In this special bonus episode of The Hacker Chronicles, Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes “interviews” Abel10 about the events of Season 1. How realistic are Alice’s accomplishments? What can businesses and individuals do to protect themselves? And what’s next for Alice?

The answers are scarier than you might think.

Alice may be fictional. But the threats are real. Visit to learn more about the #1 cybersecurity leader in vulnerability management.