REvil returns, Another Microsoft Exploit Runs Wild, Hackers Leak Medical Records,

Security Squawk

Sep 16 2021 • 46 mins

In this episode, Cybersecurity experts Bryan Hornung and Reginald Andre discuss yet another Microsoft Windows vulnerability that causes hackers to take over a system even if the user doesn't have administrative rights. This left I.T. professionals scrambling to apply for a workaround and left businesses security flapping in the wind. Next, the team looks at a recent cyber attack against a California hospital and leaked medical records on the dark web. Listen to the podcast and get educated and aware of the cyber security threats that exist today. Finally, REvil has reared their heads once again and the security community isn't sure what to make of it yet. FInd out what this could mean and what REvils next moves might be.

Security Squawk - Episode 38 - with Bryan Hornung, Reginald Andre & Randy Bryan - This is a business podcast with a cybersecurity twist. Security Squawk podcast is dedicated to providing CEOs and business owners with insights around trending cybersecurity topics and how they affect you and your business.