Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast

Transitions Daily

Do you want to stop drinking? Does alcoholism or addiction run in your family? Are you considering how to get sober? Are you seriously thinking about sobriety for the first time being alcohol is controlling your life as never before? If so, then check out this podcast! This podcast is a short daily audio provided by the online Alcoholics Anonymous recovery group, Transitions Daily. Transitions Daily also distributes this same content in a daily email with a secret Facebook group for discussion. Go to for more information. The daily distribution consists of Alcoholics Anonymous recovery quotes from various resources including; Twenty-Fours A Hours A Day, A.A. Thought for the Day, Daily Reflections, Big Book Quote, Just for Today, As Bill Sees It, plus more! To receive this podcast in email form, go to for more information or send an email with “join” in the subject line. Feel free to share in meetings, with friends, sponsors, and sponsees in recovery! read less