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Carole Isom-Barnes, PhD

Carole Isom-Barnes, PhD of Xperience Leadership, LLC (www.XperienceLeadership.com) leads casual, relatable and inspirational workplace conversations. Experienced guests are corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who provide advice and share knowledge to support listeners and businesses in reaching their fullest potential.
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Welcome to Season 4!
Jan 11 2022
1 min
Stepping Into Your Own Power (Self-Evolution)Driving Organizational Change with RespectWelcome to Season 4!Season 3 FinaleElevating Yourself to New HeightsMaking Work, Work (For You)Leading the Way in Healthcare (via Career Transformation)Breaking It Down: White PrivilegeTransitioning to Your Dream Job - Part 2Transitioning to Your Dream Job - Part 1Fostering Meaningful ConnectionsCoping and Growing During a CrisisPushing Through The BurnoutUnderstanding Workplace Violence - Part 2Understanding Workplace Violence - Part 1Recognizing (and Managing) Mental Health in the Workplace - Part 2Recognizing (and Managing) Mental Health in the Workplace - Part 1Welcome to Season 3!Season 2 FinaleMonetizing the Cost of Poor Leadership