Future Housing Leaders, Jessica Wright of Fannie Mae & Tay Toliver of Thrive Mortgage


Apr 28 2022 • 45 mins

Fannie Mae is one of the most influential institutions in the world of Real Estate and private home ownership.  For far too long, much of the real estate industry has done a poor job of educating, advising, and serving minority communities.  A team at Fannie Mae recognized this and decided to take steps to address that issue on two fronts: Future Homeownership initiatives and Career Opportunities.

Enter Jessica Wright.  Jessica is an Advisor on the team at Fannie Mae dedicated to solving the problems related to education and advancement opportunities in underserved communities.  Many months ago, Fannie Mae also took notice of the strides that Thrive Mortgage was taking in addressing this issue as well with their Thrive4Home initiative.

In this episode, James sits down with Tay Toliver, Director of Community Advancement at Thrive, and Jessica Wright to talk about ways that both organizations are working together to solve the systemic problems in underserved communities by educating consumers on both the advantages of homeownership as well as the potentials for advancement through career opportunities.

To learn more about the Future Housing Leaders initiative at Fannie Mae, visit https://www.futurehousingleaders.com.

For more information about Thrive4Home, visit us at ThriveMortgage.com to find a local Thrive Loan Officer near you.

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