Solving International Finance at the Local Level: Interview w/ Schervy Ortiz of Thrive Mortgage, Ep. 18


Sep 15 2020 • 27 mins

Today, Thrivenomics goes international (sorta).  Joining us today is one of Thrive Mortgage's favorite loan officers, Schervy Ortiz!  Schervy shared with us his journey to becoming a champion for helping those in underserved or minority communities in building wealth through homeownership.

Nothing energizes Schervy more than connecting with borrowers who feel that the dream of homeownership is unattainable... and proving them wrong.  Between his knowledge of financial markets, specialized programs catering to niche borrowers, and his passion for educating consumers, Schervy excels at providing a guided approach towards purchasing a home.  Listen in and get to know one of the top rising stars at Thrive Mortgage!

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