Turning Passion into Inspiration during a Pandemic: Interview w/ Allison Wilkinson, Ep. 19


Sep 29 2020 • 49 mins

For her whole life, music has been a passion for today's guest, Allison Wilkinson, Founder of I AM School of Music.  James & Raul had a fascinating conversation with Allison about music and its impact on the human experience.  Allison, a lifelong musician, found a way to transition this love of sound and movement into a career as a musical instructor.

Allison developed a style of musical instruction known as "Emotionally Intelligent" instruction.  Her style is a very hands-on process with students that seeks to instill a joy and love of music into the learner and challenge them to grow without the worry of "performing".

Then came a global pandemic.  With restrictions on face-to-face engagement with her students, Allison was faced with a challenging problem to solve.  And that's when "I AM School of Music" was born.  Allison quickly pivoted to creating an online platform that would take her innovative instruction style to the masses and also connect a network of like-minded musicians as instructors.

To follow Allison and I AM School of Music, check out their social media profiles:
Facebook - @IAMSchoolofMusic

To learn about signing up for your own personalized instruction, please visit IAMSchoolOfMusic.com.

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