Giving Consumers their "True Voice": Interview w/ Scott Harris of SocialSurvey, Ep. 14


Aug 12 2020 • 57 mins

The latest episode of Thrivenomics presents our interview with Scott Harris, CEO and founder of SocialSurvey.  Given his roots in the Real Estate industry as a top-producing Realtor, and his penchant for constant innovation, it was a natural progression for Scott to establish a platform for consumers to voice their true experience.

With a keen eye on the nature of consumer behavior, SocialSurvey has created a solution for service providers to increase not only the reach of their raving fans, but also an added layer of accountability that goes a long way to improving the consumer experience.

In our interview, James and Raul speak with Harris about the founding principals which have guided SocialSurvey to great levels of success and also the impact that reputation management has on the growth of those who participate with the platform.

To learn more about SocialSurvey, visit their website at

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