Get Ready

Felicia A. Hill

My show is about discovery. I want to impact, empower and uplift you to discover and utilize the gifts and talents you are blessed with. Through your new journey of rediscovery, they will learn to use the gifts to discover your purpose and use gifts to serve others, your community and yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have a dark past, lost a loved one, been through a divorce, lost a job, been an addict, been in jail, have come out the closet or are transitioning out of incarceration. All of these circumstances require individuals to alter their old behaviors and habits and start over. My goal is to engage the audience to encourage them to share their successes. My hope is to help your pendulum start to swing in the direction of hope, harmony and peace. Our show serves as a voice to those who do not have a voice of their own and have lost their way. Hope, harmony, and joy is possible. Become your most authentic self and share that with the world.